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Nabi Android Tablet For Kids

Nabi Android Tablet For Kids

NABI Android Tablet for Kids is another best device to play the latest and various games for fun. NABI Android Tablet for Kids and The Games To Play – For those who want to get an Android tablet, NABI Android Tablet for Kids is one that can be a good choice. A very cute, kid friendly Android tablet that will make other Android tablet owners will get jealous. If you want to give an Android tablet for your kids, this one is definitely a great choice. This tablet is designed as a budget friendly Android tablet without compromising on quality and performance. As for its performance and features, this tablet comes with a KIDDIE UI located on the top of Android operating system in which your kids can read books, watch movies, surf the web and access many applications. Speaking about applications, there are many applications you can choose for your kids. The main reason why you should have this one for your kids is that this tablet comes with lots of child-friendly applications and games. If you have no idea which NABI Android tablet application and game to choose, here are some good applications and games to consider:

Cut The Rope

Cut the rope is a game that features a very unique game play. In this Android game, your task is to help the little monster named Om Nom to get the candy. All you should do is to cut the rope and help this little monster gets the candy that he wants. A simple but fun game that your kids will love!

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a very fun game specially designed for Android tablets that features amazing graphics and unique game play. Through this game, you have to slice fruits as many as possible. You can use some different blades available in this game. Slice as many fruits as possible and earn more points! Fruit ninja is one of the best games you can get when you decide to buy NABI Android tablet for kids.

Angry Birds

It doesn’t matter what Android tablet you have, Angry Birds is a phenomenal game that has caught the attention of many Android tablet owners. Now, you can expect this game available on NABI Android tablet. The game still offers the same game play just like its original version.

FOOZ University

This is a good Android application that can help your kids to learn about math, social studies, science and also English. As for each subject, your kids will learn several lessons and quizzes. Each subject is designed to help your kids learn every subject step by step. Your kids can choose from some different levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. This is a fun application in which you can help your kids learn subjects such as math, science and English in a more fun way.


If you are looking for a racing game that is fun and comes with amazing graphics, BANG BANG RACING THD is your best choice. This is a very fun game available on NABI Android tablet for kids in which you can ensure that your kids will love this one! Through this game, your kids can select some cars and compete with others. Thanks to its beautiful graphics, this is a very addictive game which will keep your kids busy for hours.

Overall, after knowing some applications and games available on NABI Android tablet, the decision will be yours which game or application you want to choose. As for its specifications, this tablet is not a toy as it offers a powerful performance when used to run some applications and games. What you should know is that NABI Android tablet is a real tablet that comes with many features. Your kids can play games or use some applications that are designed for fun and educational purposes. As mentioned above, there are some good games and applications to consider such as Angry Birds, FOOZ University, Cut the rope and Fruit Ninja. Overall, if you want to give your kids with a cheap Android tablet, NABI Android Tablet for Kids will be a great choice.

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